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We moved to Terra Bella at the beginning of April and absolutely love the community. We previously lived in a subdivision in Madisonville, and we have met more neighbors in the month we have lived here than we met in 3 years in the other subdivision! My boys play outside in the park every day and love to ride their bikes and scooters around the neighborhood. They are no longer wanting to spend all of their time on their computers and iPads!
Two Golden Retriever puppies (Biscuit and Bolt) joined our family on Easter. Buying two puppies at the same time was not the wisest decision! I forgot how much work they are when they are little, and we have never had two puppies at the same time. I have to give special thanks to our new neighbor, Hope, who came to our rescue! She graciously offered to help any way she could so our puppies had their first play date today with her two sweet Golden Retrievers (Sydney and London).
My hope when we moved to Terra Bella is that there would be a sense of community that you don’t find in a subdivision. It has surpassed our expectations and we are so happy to live here.
~ Lisa Whiteman , We Love Terra Bella
“As a parent, you envision a place for your children to grow up that is safe and friendly enough for bicycle rides and outdoor play. We have found that and so much more in TerraBella. From the large open parks to the village square and peaceful lake, there is always something to do. TerraBella fosters a sense of community we have not experienced elsewhere.”
~ Mike and Nicole McIvor, Terra Bella Family
``The beautiful homes and unique neighborhood initially drew us to TerraBella but the community and our friendly neighbors has made this our home. Our family recently welcomed our first child and the neighborhood care team set up a meal train that kept our fridge full for weeks while we enjoyed spending time with our newborn. We love all of the social events in our village square, from concerts to holiday celebrations, that truly make this development unique. We love TerraBella now and can't wait to see how the neighborhood continues to grow and develop!``

~ Zane and Madeline Kirby, Terra Bella Family
``Terra Bella is the epitome of community. Having relocated to the South, we were looking for a “home” where we could share fellowship with others, where we could feel connected and engaged. Everything we hoped for we found here. Our community is made up of people who are the salt of the earth.``
~ Joy Feldmen, Terra Bella Resident
``Approximately 10 years ago, a friend began telling us that he and others were developing a TND on the Northshore in Covington to be known as TerraBella Village. Not really knowing what a TND was, we became intrigued with the concept of a Traditional Neighborhood Development, which has the perks of city life and the pace of living in a small town. In 2009 construction began on our home and in 2010 we moved in.

In the succeeding years, we have experienced the city life perks of outdoor concerts, family night movies, festivals, art walks and a great restaurant; then, with the construction of new homes, we have gained many friendly and helpful new neighbors. We are so happy with our decision to live in TerraBella Village, especially since we know there is so much more to come.``

~ Linda and Rick Robertson, Terra Bella Resident
I want to express to all of my neighbors and to the developers of TerraBella how truly happy the Judge and I are to be back home again!

When we built our first home in TerraBella there were only eight houses in the Village. The reason we chose to build here was that we fell in love with the concept of a neighborhood development. Our developers had a vision, a dream of bringing to the Northshore a place that was totally unique and different than any other subdivision on the North Side of the lake. Modeled after River Ranch in Lafayette, TerraBella is developing into the unique village our developers dreamed it would be, but it takes time and money, dedication and PATIENCE for a development such as this. It doesn’t happen overnight. It took River Ranch almost two decades to become what it is today, but as an early pioneer in TerraBella, it amazes me to see what has happened in seven years and especially in the two years that we were gone!

It is so exciting to see the new young families who have built homes here; to see young children laughing, riding bikes or walking to nearby houses to play with friends. The cottages are such an important element to a development such as this and their presence has been more than successful in encouraging growth in TerraBella.

All of our events have gotten bigger and better and are a wonderful example of what “village life” can be. We welcome folks from our neighboring subdivisions to our events at no cost to them and many of our visitors have chosen to build homes here and share our lifestyle because of those events they attended.

We love this village. We love the look of it: the sidewalks … the street lights … the blend of large and small houses sitting side by side … the porches … neighbors stopping to talk to each other, laughing together and even sharing a little gossip. It’s a real neighborhood!

TerraBella is unique. It is special. It’s a wonderful place for young families to raise their children and for the older folks like the Judge and myself to live out our golden years. In the evening, when we sit out on our porch as the sun sets and the children’s laughter slowly fades away, TerraBella takes on a new life … one of peace and quiet. With the sounds of night slowly creeping in, there we sit enjoying this little village that we missed so much and know that we will never leave again.

~ Barbara Hansen, We are so happy to be home,

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From I-12: Take Exit 59 (Covington/Madisonville). Travel North on LA 21 for 1.2 miles. Turn left on to Bootlegger Road/LA 1085 at 3rd traffic light (Resource Bank on left corner). Terra Bella Boulevard is one mile ahead on the right. Located just 10 miles from the Causeway bridge.

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