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What is a Traditional Neighborhood Development?

Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) is a New Urbanist approach to designing cities, towns, and neighborhoods. Traditional, or Neo-traditional, planners, developers, architects, and designers try to reduce traffic and eliminate sprawl. Homes, shops, businesses, theaters, schools, parks, and other important services are placed within close proximity of each other to encourage walking.

A New Urbanist neighborhood resembles an old European village with homes and businesses clustered together. Instead of driving on highways, residents of New Urbanist neighborhoods can walk to shops, businesses, theaters, schools, parks, and other important services. Buildings and recreational areas are arranged to foster a sense of community closeness.

What are the Covenants & Restrictions?

The TerraBella Covenants & Restrictions provide regulations for architectural style and external building materials.

Will TerraBella have a Homeowners Association?

Yes. TerraBella will have a Homeowners Association, which will be charged with enforcing the TerraBella Covenants & Restrictions as well as maintaining all parks and common areas within the development.

How can I reserve a lot in TerraBella?

For detailed information on the availability of lot reservations, please call 985.871.7171 to reach TerraBella Information Center.

Is TerraBella architecturally controlled?

The TerraBella Covenants & Restrictions contain detailed regulations that govern allowed architectural styles and external building materials. The regulations require that an architect or design professional design all buildings, and that all buildings must be constructed by a contractor who has been chosen to be a part of the TerraBella Builders Guild. A list of approved designers and contractors is available at the TerraBella Information Center.

Will there be a school in TerraBella?

The Master Plan for TerraBella dedicates space for a school. The developers are committed to having a neighborhood school and are actively looking for a partner.

Are the homes in TerraBella custom built?

Yes. While homes in TerraBella will have to adhere to the Covenants & Restrictions, homeowners are free to consult with builders, architects and designers to create spaces that meet their needs. Ultimately, plans for each home must be reviewed and approved by the Architectural Review Committee.

TerraBella builders are in a Builders Guild. What does this mean?

The Builders Guild of TerraBella is simply an approved group of builders selected and educated by the TerraBella Groupand town architect. Each builder involved in the Guild should understand the Covenants & Restrictions as well as the uniqueness of TerraBella as a community and lifestyle.

What can I expect from the Village Square?

The Village Square is a place where residents can find essentials and services as well as gather for special events, meet friends for coffee, or just take-in a lovely afternoon. It is the center of the community and all residents will be within walking distance of the square.

How much green space does TerraBella have?

TerraBella contains an unprecedented amount of green space. Over half of the total acreage of the property will remain undeveloped. There will be parks for recreation but also a nature preserve along the Soap and Tallow Creek and the Little Tchefuncte River.

Is TerraBella similar to River Ranch in Lafayette?

Yes. River Ranch was planned and designed by Steve Oubre of Architects Southwest in Lafayette. While there are differences between the two developments, the sense of place is evident in River Ranch as it will be at TerraBella.

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